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OUR Members Council: 
Kleinmond Fellowship Church Council 

Pastor:  Kobus Roodt

Elders:     Bill Edwards 

                Gerhard Venter

                Gert Geldenhuys

                Johanathan Govender


               CHAIRMAN - Pierre Paul

               VICE CHAIRMAN - Edward Whitehead

               SECRETARY - Shayne Stork

               WORSHIP - Pastor Kobus Roodt

               MAINTENANCE and GARDENING -  Francois Wahl  

               BUILDING and TECHNICAL -   Edward Whitehead

               FUNDRAISING and FUNCTIONS - Francois Wahl and Edward Whitehead

               INSURANCE MATTERS   - Pierre Paul 

               MISSIONS - Chris Bolus

               LIA - Phil Leaver  

               SUNDAY SCHOOL - Shayne Stork

               PRAYER - Pastor Kobus, Chris Bolus and Shayne Stork 

               HOME FELLOWSHIP GROUPS - Valerie Geldenhuys

               MEN'S FELLOWSHIP - TBA

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