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Church Activities

- Weekly prayer meeting:

    - Monday 14:00 – Main Sanctuary (Spiritual Warfare Team)

    - Monday 16:00 – Terhoven Hall (Corporate Prayer Meeting)

    - Sunday Morning Pre Service Prayer meeting 09:00 in the Prayer room 


- Home Fellowship Groups: We extend a warm invitation to anyone wanting to join our weekly Home Fellowship Groups!         These gatherings provide a unique opportunity for deeper spiritual exploration, meaningful connections, and the joy of         growing together in Christ. For more information and to get connected with a group near you please any of our Elders.

- Worship team practice: Every Sunday morning at 08:00 (Tamara Krige)

- Sunday school: Every Sunday at 09:30

- Ladies Fellowship: Every Monday at 09:45 in the Fellowship Hall

- Men’s Fellowship: Every 2nd Saturday at 10:00 at the Fellowship Hall 

Musical Collage/Indian Cuisine - 2nd August 2024 at 19:00
A musical Collage with Indian Cuisine will take place on the 2nd August 2024 at 19:00 in the  Kleinmond Fellowship Church

Please sign up for our Musical Collage and Indian Cuisine 
Sign-up sheets are available in the foyer of the Kleinmond Fellowship Church 
For more information, feel free to contact Dr. Wahl.


Upcoming Events

-  22nd July: Pancakes Day

-   26th July: Indian Cooking Course

-  2nd August: Musical Collage

- 17th August: Potjiekos Afternoon

- 23rd August: Voetspore Talk (South America - Johan Badenhorst)

-   1st Septmeber: Cake and Tea


Church activities

Men's Fellowship

Every third Saturday of the month at the KFC Church


Sunday School

Every Sunday at 09:30

Easter Sunday.jpg

Church Prayer Meetings

Meets every Monday at 16:30 in the Fellowship Hall

Ladies Fellowship

Every Monday morning at 09:45 in the Fellowship Hall

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